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“Do you have any food?” “Do you have any work?”  Those are the top two questions that we are most often asked.  We want to help meet the needs of our community, both spiritually and physically. 


One of the ways that we are doing that is through our Aquaponics system. This is basically a self-contained farm that combines growing fish and vegetables into a continuous system to provide food.  This system gives fresh organic vegetables and talipia to our community and it has provided work to church members in charge of our maintenance and distribution.


Another opportunity that is providing work is through our coffee venture.  We purchase raw coffee beans from different regions throughout Mexico, bring them to Juarez and pay families from our church to take the beans through the cleaning, roasting and packaging process. Our coffee is available for purchase both locally and throughout the US.  In purchasing our coffee, you help provide work for our friends at the farms and for local Algo Más families.  Through each of these programs, we are able to share the gospel with these families.

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